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How do I sign up for workshops and get tickets to shows?

There are 5 workshop slots available, and for each workshop you book, you get a ticket to a show. The more workshops you book, the cheaper it works out. The price structure is as follows:

  • 1 workshop + 1 ticket: $50.00
  • 2 workshops + 2 tickets: $95.00
  • 3 workshops + 3 tickets: $135.00
  • 4 workshops + 4 tickets: $170.00
  • 5 workshops + 5 tickets: $200.00

Additional tickets can be booked at concession rates via the BATS box office, or you can access standby comps on the day with your festival pass. There is a cap per show for package tickets; there is no cap for tickets you purchase via the BATS box office.

Sign up for workshops here:
A help document for doing so is here:
Book tickets for extra shows:   

How do I pay?

It’s all on the signup form, but basically: internet banking if you are in New Zealand, Paypal if you are overseas or would like to pay by credit card. Keep in mind that we get charged fees for the Paypal! Note also that our Paypal account still comes up as Wellington Improv Troupe - this will be fixed soon.

Tickets you book through BATS will be paid for either by credit card online on the BATS site, or cash/EFTPOS in person on the night.

What's the deal with festival passes?

Anyone who is involved in the festival will get one - whether you're a programmed teacher or performer, signed up for a workshop, or volunteering for the festival. As well as access to standby tickets, this sweet lanyard means you will be invited to any and all social and networking events during the week. 

Please wear the pass (or have it on you) at festival events and at BATS Theatre. You must present it in order to go on the standby list at BATS for tickets - they will put your name on a list and when they know how many empty seats are available, they'll call your name if you can get in. First in first served, and you can only put your name down on the night. 

Your pass also gets you the Whanau discount at Lumen, the BATS bar (20% discount on any beverage). Again, the staff will refuse you if you do not have your pass. 

Note: The Festival team will have a different colour pass to general participants. Not sure what colour yet. Maybe gold? Or glittery!

What if I get cast in a show that I’ve booked a ticket for?

If you’ve booked it through the BATS Box Office, they will either a) swap your ticket for a different show or b) refund you if you paid in advance. The refund part is at their discretion but they’re not dicks.

If you booked it through a workshop package, let Catherine know and we’ll make sure you get it swapped to another show.

Alternatively, give your ticket to someone you like who wants to come and hasn’t got a ticket already!

When should I be in Wellington?

We recommend you arrive before 6pm on Monday 5 October, and leave on Sunday 11 October.

Where do I sleep?

Anywhere you like! But we have a discounted rate at the YHA for attendees (across the road from BATS, same as YHA membership rates). If you would like to book this, fill in our accommodation form.

  • Four-bedded rooms with ensuite facilities @ $32 per person per night
  • Six-bedded rooms with shared bathroom facilities @ $31 per person per night
  • Twin/Double rooms with shared bathroom facilities @ $89 per room per night
  • Twin/Double rooms with ensuite facilities @ $120 per room per night

Are there T-Shirts?

That’s the plan! Watch this space (or the NZIF Green Room page)

Teachers: How do I get paid?

Please invoice the New Zealand Improvisation Trust ( ) by the end of the week of the festival. We will pay you as soon as we can (most likely the following week) via internet banking or Paypal.

Marketing: How can I help?

Here’s what we already have in place for promoting this festival and your performances:

Online promotion:

  • BATS Theatre website - this is where everyone can BOOK THEIR TICKETS! Everything we put out is pointing people to BATS so that it’s nice and easy to book tickets.
  • - Our main website and repository of info about everything. We’ve got the full programme, the workshops list, and a bunch of media releases that get published as they go out. On the media releases, you can hit ‘share’ to post about them on Facebook, Twitter, and a bunch of other places. Go on! Do it! Tell people what you’re doing and what you’re looking forward to!
  • - syndicates to heaps of other sites too :)
  • Social media - our main presences are Facebook and Twitter. Please like photos, retweet things, share cool posts, and use the hashtag #nzif. Tag yourself in photos if we haven’t :)

Printed materials

  • Poster campaign will be going out a few weeks before the festival opens. We’ll have some spare posters - if you have a great place for some of these, let us know! There is no need for individual show posters. 
  • Printed programmes will be available very soon too. Some will be distributed via Phantom and go out into Wellington’s cafes - the rest are for us to distribute. If you know a place in Wellington that would be useful to have programmes, let Jen know (if you can get them there yourself, even better!)


  • We have a publicist! Her name is Pippa and she is great. She’s writing all kinds of media releases and getting us media coverage. If you’re out of town, feel free to get media coverage for your company about your upcoming work in your own city; if you’re in Wellington, please run anything you want to do past Jen or Pippa (out of towners - if you want to check anything with us, that’d be rad). There should be plenty already coming from us and we’d rather get huge reach with our existing materials than put out mixed messages!

Why don't I get more stage time at NZIF?

This is a really common question asked both in person and raised on the feedback form.

Shows are cast by individual directors, not by the festival as a whole - their priority is putting together the best cast for their show, with an eye on representation across the festival. Directors are welcome to consult with the festival director for suggestions, who will encourage diversity of casting, but the final cast is entirely up to them. Of the 17 shows in 2015 (19 if you include Just the Band and Sparrow Folk), only 4 were cast from workshops or completely open access. The rest were either pre-cast company shows (7), shows with core casts and a few guests (6), or shows with very specific performer requirements (Just the Band and Le Franglais). This year, there are nine shows with cross-company casting opportunities, three of which come from workshops.

Remember, workshops are open access; shows are for our audience and we get to watch them too.

It's possible that you will be disappointed by missing out on a particular casting opportunity. Know that there are many elements that go into the casting of a show, and directors must balance the needs of the show format with the desire to play with new people and with people they know have the required skill set, while often having limited or negligible rehearsal time. 

The best we can offer: come along to the opening night jam on Monday 5 October and get up and play, so that you can interact with lots of players; be available for call times; and just bring your happy, healthy self to workshops and social times. If you have concerns during the week you’re more than welcome to raise them with Jen.

Notes on workshops with casting opportunities....

As teacher of said workshop, we ask that you ensure you are teaching more than just training for the show. We hope that those not cast in the performance will take away just as much as those who are.

As a participant of said workshop, we hope that your engagement is on the level of skills development, not 'how do I get noticed?' Please don’t sign up for workshops purely because of the performance opportunity, nor use the time during the workshop to showboat or distract from the lessons offered by the teacher.

Notes on workshop quality...

This will always be somewhat subjective - we've all taken workshops that have changed our lives while leaving others completely cold. But we do ask that all tutors pitch their workshops accurately, that they balance class size with opportunity to play, and that they have clear learning objectives for participants.

Who’s running this thing? Who should I ask about the stuff?

(Full contact details will be provided on arrival at the fest. In the meantime use FB or email Jen and she’ll direct you)

  • Festival Director: Jennifer O'Sullivan
    Ask Jen about pretty much anything but check below for particular first ports of call.
  • Production Manager: Keely McCann
    Ask Keely about tech time scheduling, set/lighting requirements, call times, safety briefings, and her excellent hair
  • Technical Design/Operation: Darryn Woods (Dome) and Uther Dean (Propeller)
    Ask Darryn and Uther about tech and light requirements and their relentless work ethic
  • Publicist: Pippa Drakeford
    Ask Pippa about media opportunities, publicity, and to sing you a song
  • Participant Liaison: Catherine Hart  
    Ask Catherine about workshop locations, registrations, tshirts, and her amazing donuts
  • Magic Web Pixie: Matt Powell
    Ask Matt about any issues with (i.e. your workshop booking system) and his cat Trip
  • Musical Director: Oliver Devlin
    Ask Oliver about musician scheduling and programming, and his cool band Hans Pucket
  • Volunteer Wrangler: Cordelia Black
    Ask Cordelia about airport transfers, volunteer tasks, and her neat waistcoats & poetry

I have more questions! They’re not here! HELP

Email Jen on I got your back.