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New Zealand Improv Festival 2014: 28 Oct - 1 Nov

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New Zealand's only festival of improvisation theatre

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"Perhaps improv dance fighting is the true access to world peace? Stranger things have happened, and being in a theatre full of improvisers high on five days of fun can make one think that anything is possible!" - Maryanne Cathro, Theatreview

".. The nature of improv is such that when it's played well – as in this festival – it is virtually impossible for nothing to happen. Something of value will always materialise before our very eyes." - John Smythe, Theatreview

"The festival's fresh and vibrant energy is fuelled by the fact that the shows' casts spill into each other and the audience of one show spills into the next; creating a lively, informal dynamic that feels very true to improv." - Caoilinn Hughes, Theatreview

"For me, improvisation is an electric form of theatre. Being onstage without a script forces you to connect with the other players and work together to tell a story. When the players all trust that something will come, magic happens." - Merrilee McCoy, NZIF Producer 2008-2011

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